Sunday, April 21, 2013

ceiling repair

So while April showers have been commonly known to bring May flowers, it turns out that they also bring a leaky roof in our house. Sigh. With the heavy rains of the past week, our living room ceiling started dripping. And so we are facing what will most certainly be expensive repairs to our roof and possibly replacing some upstairs windows and fixing up the damage to the living room ceiling... or so we thought. Joe brought a picture to me and told me I could "put it up there."

So, there you go. Problem solved. It is a nighttime scene, if you could not already tell. 


Sharon Lathrop said...

I hope that your repair isn't too costly. I have watched quite a few "Holmes on Homes" shows and I just hope it's an easy fix and doesn't uncover things done incorrectly. He's based in Toronto I think. Praying for the Kantor family! I'm currently praying for you when I get up with sick kids or to nurse in the middle of the night :). Take care!

John Christman said...

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