Sunday, June 18, 2017

okay blue jays, 2017 edition

Happy Father's Day! We celebrated David with some Saturday pancakes, early Sunday gifts of homemade cards and crafts, and then A BLUE JAYS GAME! The girls are boring and don't like to do fun things (ie. they are too little and would be bored out of their minds) so they went to play at Nanny and Grandpa's house, and we boarded the train to TO with the boys for some overpriced hot dogs and a good game of ball.

We love you, David, and are happy to celebrate you any day of the week, especially if it involves a baseball game.

Glee, for I am about to enjoy a large, very salty, pretzel.

Here, the men of the outfield have gathered together to discuss, I can only imagine, whose mom brought snack today and if it's watermelon again.

 And look who you can run into at a Jays' game... your high school classmate from 20 years ago who lives in Saskatchewan. It's true. It can happen. Here's proof: (Hi Erin! So good to see you!)

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