Tuesday, June 13, 2017

happy camper

Here is Henry, looking like a big kid. He and David went to Father/Son camp this past weekend and he basically came home ready to graduate. I mean, look at him. He's all grown up. He tried a bunch of new things, ate Froot Loops for breakfast, learned about some Popes, and has now announced he's going to be a priest. So, there you go. He's a grown-up.

We really missed him around the house these two days. Henry is the soundtrack to our daily living, a constant stream of songs and beats coming out of his mouth. So it was quiet and also especially lonely for a big brother, who moped around without the guy he spends most of his time fighting with. When we (finally) met up with our campers on Sunday for Mass, the two boys took off ahead of us on a tour around the camp, with Henry excitedly pointing around, telling Joe all the things he had done. Watching from far away, oh, I could just tell that they love each other. It was nice. And then it was done. Ten minutes after we got home, there was a fight about someone poking someone else.

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