Monday, April 24, 2017


She certainly has some.

Oh Clara. She's a funny one. She likes her nap so she sometimes misses out on our afternoon adventures. So, lest you think we never include her in backyard swinging or trampolining, I'll just give her a special place right here so you and she can catch up. 

She likes to mother her dollies - no particular doll, just which ever one happens to be closest. She wraps them up and rocks them to sleep. She cuddles up with some and reads them stories. She likes to find a chair in the sunshine to look at books. She talks about "opportunities" and tells her brothers "that's so insulting." She likes to listen to cds and watch dds. Her favourite thing to say is, "No." Her second favourite thing to say is, "Hey, can you do this?" as she makes a face or holds her leg up in the air. She's funny and fun and I'm so glad I get to be her mom.

(Uh, she's also really stubborn and consequences don't mean much to her and debating with her is useless and boy can she ever scream. But I'm still so glad I get to be her mom.)

A regular Clara exchange...
Clara: I love you, Mommy.
Me: Oh, I love you, Clara.
Clara: I love you, too.

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