Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Janie! She's one and she came to party. So we enjoyed a day of prezzies, playing, napping (she napped! on her birthday! so fun!), eating, splashing in the toilet*, chewing toilet paper*, trying to pick up the cracked tile in the bathroom*, swinging in the park, pointing at her decorations, singing, and eating lambie cupcakes. She fell asleep quickly, tuckered out from her day and all the things that being one brings.

Oh, Jane. What a bright light you are! To all of us. Your brothers and sisters want to squeeze you and hold you (you don't want them to... you yell at them... but they keep doing it because they don't understand what you're saying) and you're the first person they look for to hug and smooch in the morning or when they come home from school. You point and share some opinions. You squeal with delight when the bathroom door is open. You insist on removing all the vent covers. You can walk with our help (and you have a lot of helpers). You clap. You crawl. You fold your hands to say grace. Basically, you're fascinating and we can't get enough of you.

Thank you for your sweet, sweet smile and your sweet, sweet self. We love you so much, Janie. Happy First Birthday!!

* not scheduled activities

 Here's the day, in picture format...

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