Saturday, April 1, 2017


How to prank your kids, in 16 easy steps:

1. Prick holes in egg, top and bottom.

2. Blow the insides of the egg out through the hole. This will take you about 15 minutes and will feel like you are going to blow your own insides out through your lungs before you even see a dribble of yoke escape the tiny hole in the egg.

3. Sit down for a minute. Congratulate yourself on finishing without passing out.

4. Re-evaluate the need to do this trick.

5. Repeat steps 1-4 four more times.

6. Once eggs are hollowed out, return to carton and place in fridge until the next morning. 

7. Now it's the next morning. Gather kids around to "help me make breakfast."

8. Convince children it would be nice if they helped you make breakfast.

9. Line them all up, each with an egg and ask them to crack them open and plop the insides into a pan.

10. Crack eggs and...

11. Exclaim disbelief that the eggs are empty. What? How can this be?

12. Speculate with kids about how this happened. Was it a lazy chicken who didn't finish the job? An unethical grocery store that stole the insides? WHAT IS HAPPENING?

13. Finally shout, "Happy April Fool's Day!"

14. Laugh at how clever you are. 

15. Make breakfast with real eggs and move on with your day.

16. Wait, no. Expect that one of your kids will be upset that you played a trick on them. Apologize. Move on with your day.

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