Monday, February 6, 2017


Once upon a time (four weeks ago), Annie and I set forth on an epic adventure (sewing). We (I) volunteered us to be pattern testers for a twirly garment (a skirt) that we could create together (mostly me). And it was fun (really, it was). And we did work together... I mean, I did most of the sewing but Annie helped pick the fabric, and cut some of it with me, even sewed a few side seams, and, most importantly, kept me company while I did the rest. It's very helpful to have someone sitting directly at your elbow, chatting right into your ear, while you sew (not recommended for everyone).

Anyway, we made, we took pictures, we sent in our review of the pattern, and - voila - the result.

All of this was for Sherri, at Thread Riding Hood. She created this Fat Quarter Skirt pattern, which is (1) fun, (2) quick, (3) perfect-for-beginners, and (4) has a lot of potential for new ideas as you get more confident and creative in your sewing (like pockets, and detailing, and, I don't know, maybe glitter). Sherri loves to sew and create, and her blog is not only a great read but filled with lots of good, useful, fun projects, sewing tips, and funny stories. She's a Canadian gal and she has lots of links to awesome Canadian fabric stores, too (go, Canada!).

Sherri posted her pattern here:
And here is her post about the pattern testers (look for Annie in her cowboy skirt, near the end of the post!):

Moral of the story: sewing is great. I already knew that, but now Annie knows it, too. Because she got to do a project AND wear something out of it at the end AND that something twirls. It's the gift that keeps on giving.

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Sherri Sylvester said...

LOVE it! I so need to add glitter to the next one :) I'm so glad she loves sewing. I wish you many happy hours doing it in the future. And maybe not as many with chatting at your elbow? ;)