Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Who's feeding the birds in the winter? We are. And 100,000 other people, based on the chubbiness of these particular birds. We went to the RBG with our black oil sunflower seeds just to make sure these chickadees were getting their winter feed. Here's what we learned:
1. Chickadees are very fast. Faster than my camera.
2.  Henry was maybe under the impression that we were there to catch the birds? A couple of times a chickadee landed on his mitten and he slowly inched his other hand forward like he was going to trap that little sucker and bring him home.
3. There are better days to feed the birds than when the temperature is -100 and the wind is fierce. Much better days.

But make the best of it! It's still fun! When parents insist it's fun! (But note the lack of photos of people's faces... which would indicate that this day was maybe more cold than fun....)

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