Thursday, December 29, 2016

things we do in shaunavon

We saw people we love, did things we love, and loved the cold (maybe not that part). Annie learned to skate, Clara got rosy cheeks, Jane cuddled a lot of people, Joe trash-talked Papa at pool, and Henry politely asked how everyone's Christmas was. And everyone ate froot loops for breakfast. So how could Christmas be better?

merry christmas!

It's Janie's first! And my 38th! So very exciting all around. We had a nice time in Shaunavon with all the family. We got to Saskatchewan on December 22 so had a day to recover from travelling before the festivities began. We enjoyed many delicious Mom-made meals, watched the cousins in the Nativity play, delved into Christmas morning chaos among 24 people and a tree, ate some more, and partied with the family for Christmas dinner. Those days went by so fast, as they always seem to do. But they were delicious and delightful. Just as they have been for all my 38 years.