Monday, October 10, 2016

thanksgiving pt. 2

We went to the Ball's Falls Thanksgiving Festival today, and look who was there! The cousins. And while there were many things to do at a Thanksgiving Festival, this is what demanded the most photos. Family portraiture in lovely autumnal vignettes.

Missing are Gabey (I'm not sure where he is) and Janie (strapped to me).

See my tilted head and folded hands? I was really going for Sears Portrait here.

From left to right... Gabriel, Henry, Jonah, Joseph, random child who wanted to join in on the fun

Before Annie was born, Lily told Andrea that "Auntie better have a girl or I will never go to her house again, not even for a minute." I'm so glad that I had some girls. 

That is all. Now on to the turkey leftovers.

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