Monday, September 12, 2016

jane the green sheep

She's a sheep, not a tree. We're honouring one of our favourites, Where is the Green Sheep? That book - a classic. It gets us every time... where is that green sheep?

So Jane is five months. She is so lovely but, sadly, for my mama's heart, she's not as cuddly as she used to be. She prefers to be left to fall asleep on her own, which I know in my head is a good thing, but in my heart wouldn't I love to rock her at the end of our day? Sigh. We're also having a tricky time with naps. ie. she doesn't. She used to... but then we messed her up by sticking her in a car seat for days in a row and driving across the country. So now she likes about 20 minutes and then HELLO! I'm awake! Come love me! Anyway we are just learning about her and loving her and all will be well.

But where is that green sheep?

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