Sunday, September 25, 2016


We went apple-picking today. Along with 2.8 million other families. In their cute fall outfits carrying their spiffy cameras. We're such a cliche. I didn't mean to be... I didn't coordinate outfits and we went because I actually want a giant basket of apples with which to make delicious things. But when we turned around from the first orchard because of the crazy lineup to get in, and then arrived at the second orchard to a parking lot crammed with cars and people milling about in their plaid shirts, I felt a little silly and very unoriginal.

Me: Why do so many people go apple-picking?
David: It's something to do. (Not a direct quote. He may not have even answered. I can't remember.)
Me: Not this many people go strawberry-picking.
David: It's harder to do. You have to bend over and look for them. The apples are right here.
Me: Why are people so lazy?

Anyway, looking past all that, we did get that giant basket of apples I was hoping for, thanks to my very enthusiastic, apple-loving kids. Cliche though we may be, we're also hard-working. Yay us.

(Clara doesn't share.)

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