Tuesday, September 6, 2016


(title in all caps because she is that excited)

Today was Annie's first day of school. She is a student at Forest Grove Preschool Academy of Arts and Technology and should come away from that with a degree in something. Although, she only attends Tuesday and Thursday mornings, so that might hold her back a little. Anyway, she loves it and told me she wished her teacher was her mommy. So. That's nice.

At supper tonight she was bubbling over with excitement to tell everyone about her day. "So does anyone have any questions? To ask me? About my first day of school?" And when she told us all her stories, she was ready to celebrate. "Are we having something special for dessert? Because it was my first day of school?" (We did.)

I'm excited for all she's going to learn and do. She's excited for homework. Yay school!

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