Monday, August 1, 2016

the ledinghams

My last name is Kantor, but it was Girodat, but I'm also a Ledingham. That's my mom's side of the family and what a privilege it is to be among them. And what a happy coincidence that the Ledingham Family Reunion was scheduled for one of the weekends we were in Saskatchewan. So we merrily drove three hours to Hawarden (not in the RV... we took a break from that) to join in the fun.

When I was younger, it seemed we went to a lot of Ledingham Family Reunions with Grandma. It was a meet and greet with people we would read about in Christmas letters but, otherwise, never see. But Grandma would proudly walk us around to re-introduce us to great-aunts and uncles and discuss how much we'd grown since the last reunion. And she would smile and laugh and somehow, even in my littleness, I could tell that it was good. Now, 16 years since my last reunion, I had a lot of catching up to do. Grandma would no longer be there to re-introduce me to the family, but neither would so many of those great aunts and uncles. Fortunately, there are still those Christmas letters for reference and, with mom by my side, we reacquainted ourselves with the next generation of Ledinghams, people we really only read about but are still so much a part of us. How happy I was to see Mom smile and laugh and how proud I was to bring my kids to the family farm and know they could feel the goodness of it all, just like little old me, once upon a time.

We are so grateful for the day, for the gracious hosts Jean and Ernie, for Aunt Elsie, for the fun games and good food, for all the people we met and talked to, for the beautiful farm, for the freedom my kids felt running barefoot all around, for the memories of Grandma, for every single part of of it.

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