Monday, August 1, 2016

rv living - days five and six

Days Five and Six
Riding Mountain National Park, MB
0 km

We found them! Grammie and Papa AND the Dhas family AND the Girodat family! We don't usually hang out in Manitoba (and by "usually" I mean we've never ever been here together before). But these two days we are, all to celebrate my Dad, who was being presented the Robertson Associate Award from the Canadian Seed Growers Association. Here, at the banquet for their annual general meeting, Dad would be recognized for his hard work and his dedication and service to the seed industry. And we as a family, we honour him for his kindness, his faithfulness, his honesty, and his steady hands. He has given us much, and we are so glad to see his community celebrate him for all he has shared with them as well.

Banquets and accolades aside, we were glad to stay still for a couple of days to enjoy family and the beach, the beautiful park, and the laundry facilities at Grammie and Papa's chalet. The boys built a complicated river system at the beach, Annie kayaked, Clara and Jane beach-napped, and David and I just breathed a little, happy not to push our Kantor family further down the road for a couple days.

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