Monday, August 1, 2016

rv living - day three

Day Three
Neys Provincial Park, ON to Rushing River Provincial Park, ON
746 km
depart - 9:40 a.m. EST  arrive - 8:00 p.m. CST

Today was ridiculous. Our longest driving day, plus the crossing of a time zone, and we really pushed our kids to the limit. We didn't mean to drive this much but, at one point, they all fell asleep and I motioned to David via his rearview mirror to DRIVE! DRIVE LIKE THE WIND! THEY ARE ALL SLEEPING! And also we somehow missed the provincial park we wanted to get to that day so ended up driving an extra hour to the next one. Whatever - we did it, we made it, we cheered a lot that we drove so long and no one went bananas.

So this is the day we frolicked on the beach of Lake Superior, saw a lot of construction vehicles as we drove, consequently drove slowly due to construction, stopped for lunch at the Terry Fox Memorial, saw some nature through the RV windows (we had to cover a lot of ground... there wasn't much time for stopping), and became one with the mosquitoes in a very swampy campsite. We're getting better at our campsite routine of supper, clean-up, then kid clean-up, setting up beds, prayers, and sleeping... not faster but better... so we're sure to be RV pros by the end of all this. Is there a pro RV league? Is RV-ing in the Olympics? If so, sign us up.

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