Monday, August 1, 2016

rv living - day twenty-five

Day Twenty-Five
Ostego Lake State Park, MI to Oakville, ON
620 km
Depart - 2:00 p.m.  Arrive - really, really late

We've tuckered them out. We didn't wake up until 9:45. All was well, though - we didn't plan on leaving until after lunch today anyway. We wanted to enjoy the beach in the morning, have a quick lunch, and then be on the road to Canada. We did exactly that, but just with less time at the beach due to the extra sleeping we did/needed. So beaching, swimming, a sad goodbye, lunch made for the road, and we were headed home. The drive today was a bit ho-hum as we were on an interstate speeding along - no more scenic route for us. We crossed the border into Sarnia, had a family supper at Boston Pizza, and then only the homestretch lay before us. Driving down the highway in the dark, we encouraged sleeping until we pulled into our driveway sometime before midnight. We transferred the kids, with the exception of Clara, who watched David and me unpack our holiday from a cozy nest on the couch, and Annie, who sobbed and sobbed that she would miss the RV so much. Those are the clues that, as hard as it was, as difficult as some moments were, this trip was still so worth it. These kids, and me, too, will remember the happy things, not the hard things, and their memories will be filled with beaches and water and campfires and marshmallows and Saskatchewan and family. And my heart is so full, so glad, that these funny little people with their big personalities are mine to make memories with.

When we pulled into Shaunavon after our first leg of this trip, we clapped for Daddy, who did all the driving. "We did it!" I said, "All the driving and all the long hours and we did it!" And Henry pumped his arms like he had just won a hard-fought battle and shouted, "And it was all worth it!"

Yup. It was.

David - thank you for this grand adventure. Thank you for driving all 6000-and-some kilometres (though you really could have slowed down, really). Thank you for caring for us so well. Thank you for keeping us on track. Thank you for praying for us. Thank you for all these kids and the fun we have together. Just like when we walked the Camino (remember that?), I am so grateful for having covered all the miles but so sad that it is all done. I loved this adventure, and I would do it all over again (even though you smelled so, so bad when we finished unpacking and cleaning at 2 a.m. Really. You smelled terrible.).

And that is that. We're all done. 

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