Sunday, August 7, 2016

clara is two!

Clara is two and she got a pool! I don't know if she understood much about it being a special day for her, but she did understand that she got a pool. After her much expressed, much demonstrated love for water on our holiday, this seemed the perfect gift. And that pretty much wraps up her birthday - she played in the water. (Also, some cousins came over, we ate cake, yada, yada, yada. She got a pool!)

Clara is a equal parts funny, sweet, chatty, and mischievous. Goodness she has a lot to say... we're understanding a bit more of it but mostly it's her own interpretation of the English (?) (I think?) language. We can't leave her alone with markers and you can just never tell what's going on behind her sparkly eyes. She's got a goofy dance and loves to participate in whatever everyone else is doing. And she's the sweetest - cuddly and kind and a helper. We love our dear Clara so much.

So Happy Birthday, Clara! You got a pool!

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