Saturday, August 6, 2016

annie is four

Yes, she is! And she will not let us forget it. She was very excited for her birthday, hopefully asking us every day in the week leading up if "today is my birthday?" And when the answer was no, then came a begging plea of "tomorrow is my birthday?"

And after many days, we got there - four on August 4. We celebrated by
wearing a tutu
drinking a smoothie
picking beans in the garden
playing indoors at an awesome playground
making birthday crafts
reading a million books
talking on the phone with many well-wishers
eating tiny tacos for supper
blowing out four candles
basking in the glow of birthday love

Joe wrote nice birthday messages for both girls. On Annie's note he wrote... You are very special and I love you very much. You have big ideas and you look pretty everywhere you go. I think that sums up Annie pretty well... her ideas are the biggest. Sometimes they are giant plans for what everyone should do together that day, and sometimes they are quietly whispered stories between her little dolls. But they're always big. And so are our dreams for her.

Happy Birthday, Annie-Banannie-Pants. We love you.

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