Sunday, July 31, 2016

rv living - day one

I am 97% certain that how I organize the pictures and stories from our trip matters only to me and me only. But I've been over-analyzing the whole thing - should I do this thematically? chronologically? in order from best to worst? And in the end... it's this. A bunch of photos from each day we drove, followed by a bunch of stuff we did in Saskatchewan. Also, I'm going to pretend I wrote the posts at the end of July, but I really didn't. This isn't going to win me any internet awards (and isn't that the reason I'm doing all this? the awards and accolades?) but here it is anyway. Our trip. Which again, let me remind you, was really nice and highly recommended.

So, here goes.

Day One
Oakville, ON to Chutes Provincial Park, ON
520 km
Depart - 10:30 a.m.  Arrive - 7:30 p.m.

Oh, how naive we were on day one. With the help of David's parents, who occupied the kids, we finish packing up the RV, piled in, and then with much cheering and whooping, pull out of the driveway. Two houses down we realize we forgot to lock in place the sliding door between the "kitchen" and "bedroom" of the RV so we pulled over to fix that. More whooping and cheering and we begin again. Only to realize we left the roof vents open. Pull over again to remedy that situation. And we're off! To the gas station! So then, after that last stop, we're going. Like actually on a highway, we're going. We start our RV day with picking a child of the day (which was meant to prevent fights but actually started more than I could have ever imagined), a decade of the rosary (indeed - somebody needs to be in charge of this behemoth motor vehicle and it's not going to be us), some studying of the map, and a couple of books. We set up the dvd player for a movie and discover that RV travelling is LOUD and there is no way anyone can hear the movie. Much complaining. Adults discuss. One hour later, we stop to buy headsets. Back in the RV, now there is much cheering. Except, as we set out once more, we realize that two of the four headsets do not work. Back to the store! Return "old" headsets (if they are bought only 20 minutes before, are they old?) and buy new and we're off and that is when I realize that this trip is going to take forever. We may never ever get out of Ontario.

Anyway, the rest of the drive included about 18 bathroom breaks (much easier when you bring a bathroom with you), one more movie that people could actually hear, a few more books, some colouring, and some snacks (apples take up a lot of time). After about hour three, poor little Janie decided she hated her car seat and there was a lot of crying, stopping to soothe her, more crying, stopping to soothe me, and, finally, getting her to sleep.

And then we arrived! Not as far as we wanted to go, but a beautiful provincial park nonetheless. We feel really blessed by all the great places we stayed. The beauty and peace and fresh air and uniqueness of each park made us realize we would very much like to do this more often. Camping is fun! It really is, and we're going to make it part of our summers.

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