Sunday, July 31, 2016

let's motor home, part 2

(The title is courtesy of Joe, who said it when we started driving on our last day. One of my prouder days as a parent, when I realized my son appreciates a good pun.)

Well, we drove 6238 kilometres and I took 2132 pictures. Would you like to see them all? Probably not. But here are some, these ones from the first two days of our drive, heading from Oakville up around Lake Superior. We rented this RV and began a 25 day adventure that would take us to a celebration for my dad in Manitoba, then to Shaunavon for a couple weeks, and back home through the United States. We have a bunch of kids, ages seven through to three months, so was this even a good idea? And the answer is yes. Yes it was. (I'm serious... I'm not just trying to convince myself.) The drive and the number of hours that we had to put in each day were hard, especially, I think, for Clara, who was the most tricky to keep occupied. The days were long, the suppers were late, the bedtimes non-existent. BUT we saw so much, did so much, learned so much. We saw beautiful lakes and breathtaking skies. We ate a lot of hot dogs and roasted a million marshmallows. We swam and played in a lot of waters. And my most favourite moment, which I will hold onto for all of my days, was when we brought Joe, Henry, Annie, and Clara out of the RV in the middle of the night (I told you bedtimes were non-existent) to see the stars. The audible gasps and giggles from each one of them, when they looked up in the brilliant sky to see the impossible number of stars, was worth every trial and tear of the day.

So will we do it again? Yes, please.

So 2123 pictures left to look at! Sit tight! I'll be right back with them!

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