Thursday, April 28, 2016

show and tell

Jane went to kindergarten today. Just for an hour - I didn't register her or anything. And, actually, Annie and Clara went to kindergarten today, too. And me. Henry really wanted to bring Jane to class and his (awesome) teacher, Mrs. Atkinson, agreed to the whole thing. So here we are. I sat at the front of the class with Jane (and Henry and Annie and Clara) and answered the kids many questions about when she was born, how long has she been here, when will she be one, when will she be five, and what day is her birthday. The kids liked looking at her tiny little toes and imagining that they could have ever been that small. And Henry beamed and beamed and looked pretty proud. Me, too.

(All pictures taken by Miss Annie Kantor, my personal photographer.)

School is exhausting. 

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