Friday, April 15, 2016

jane patricia

Well look at this! We have a baby! And she's beautiful and sweet and tiny and light as air and pure delight. Pure delight.

Miss Jane Patricia arrived in the wee hours of Tuesday, April 12... about 42 minutes after we showed up at the hospital. Contractions were about one hour apart and then - bam - five minutes apart, so a quick getaway to the hospital was very necessary. Thank goooooodnesssss that my mom and dad were still here staying with us after Joe's first communion so we didn't need to load any kids up and drive them around Oakville - they stayed safe and sound and snoring in their own beds. And we rushed off to quickly welcome another little girl to our group.

We (maybe just me?) were convinced that we were having a boy so... Jane remained nameless for the first three hours of her life. Even my obstetrician tried to help us out by giving us some suggestions (and we were open to that... she actually helped us name Henry). We wanted the middle name to be Patricia, after my Grandma Girodat, but had a few ideas swimming around for a first name without anything sticking. Jane was near/at the top of the list and then I checked the meaning - "God is merciful," one website said. So, in the year that Pope Francis declared the Year of Mercy, we picked it. Jane Patricia.

I was so happy to have Mom and Dad still here... their flight was that afternoon but there was enough time to come to the hospital to hold their fourteenth grandchild on their 47th wedding anniversary. That, too, was pure delight for me.

Jane has enjoyed the company of lots of friends and family, but her brothers and sisters are the most doting. Everyone is in love with her face, her sighs, her fingers, her toes. There is a lot of sitting and holding and staring. We are good. And God is gracious, God is merciful. This baby is such a blessing to us.

Welcome, Jane Patricia. We are so glad you're here.

This sign is so funny to me. That lady looks just like me.

This is everyone's reaction when Clara comes near Jane.

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