Thursday, April 14, 2016

first (of many)

Saturday! To be honest, given the events of the week, Saturday seems like forever ago. But it has only been five days, and it was a big and important day for our little man Joe, so I need to do some remembering and recording. Here we go.

We've been looking forward to Joe's First Communion for a long time... his class has been preparing at school and we were doing workbooks at home and talking about it since... his Baptism. Maybe not that long. But for a while. So April 9, 2016, came quickly and all of a sudden our little boy is wearing a suit. And a belt. And dress shoes. And he wasn't complaining about it. But even better than that, he was also dressed in something very powerful (but invisible... like a superhero). After all his preparation, we were confident that Joe was dressed in his armor of God. The Shield of Faith, the Helmet of Salvation, the Breastplate of Righteousness, the Belt of Truth, the Sword of the Spirit, and with his feet prepared with the Gospel of Peace.

He looked good, inside and out, and was ready to receive Jesus in the Eucharist. And in his own words (which I'm stealing from his journal from school), "I went up for my First Holy Communion and I couldn't stop smiling for a second."

So we hope it's the same every time... every single time you receive Communion, Joe, we hope you can't stop smiling for a second.

And look who's here to celebrate with us! Thank you, Grammie and Papa, for travelling all this way for Joe's special day. 

Joe's nice friend, Luka, for any of his family members who may or may not be reading this blog.

Joe and Emma

When I learned Joe's first communion was going to be April 9, and my due date was April 15, with knowledge that our babies have all been about a week early... my sincere prayer was that I would be able to be with Joe on his day. Baby inside or outside, I was determined to be there. As it turns out, Baby stayed inside and here we are. Phewf.

With Fr. Mark

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