Friday, January 22, 2016

clara capybara

Here's our Little Miss Clara, a climber not a walker. One day I found her sitting on top of the kitchen table, throwing mandarin oranges on the floor. I've told her a number of times that if she put as much focus into moving forward as she does moving up, she could be running or doing hurdles or Olympic time trials or something, but it all falls on deaf ears. So here she is, climbing.

Her other interests include:
brushing her teeth
playing with that little knobby thing at the base of the toilet that covers up a screw
finding and eating ladybugs
examining electrical outlets
eyeing up little legos
emptying mommy's fabric scraps bins
pulling Annie's hair

She's a busy gal. Very full schedule, every day. But she's also sweet as pie and likes to hug and smooch her siblings and cuddle with mommy. She squeals with delight when she hears daddy come home at the end of the day and she loves to scamper up into her rocking chair to quietly look at books. She is just a lovely little peach in so many ways.

But I really wouldn't mind if she started walking. She's getting heavy.


Erin Hickey said...

I love this. Reminds me of a certain someone I know. When is her birthday Gillian?

David + Gillian said...

It reminds you of me? Her birthday is August 5.