Thursday, September 24, 2015

the girls at home

Well, here we are. The girls at home while the boys are at school. And while we do have some fun, it's not all skipping and butterflies (that's what Annie's pretending to be... a butterfly... that may not have been clear). I wish it was just skipping and butterflies. But... it's driving and drop-offs and racing to get through the grocery store to get home in time for Clara's morning nap only to wake her up 45 minutes later so she'll be ready for the afternoon nap so I can wake her up from that so we can start school pick-up. And in between there's snacktime and playtime and lunchtime and choretime. Phew-f.

We're just three weeks in to this school schedule, so we have some time to work out some kinks. There are a lot of kinks. Just not enough skipping and butterflies.

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