Tuesday, August 4, 2015

i'm three!

That was Annie's announcement first thing this morning. She came running into my room with the news. So we celebrated because, after all, being three is very exciting.

Meet the newest addition to our family - Kristie Quinn. She's a very quiet baby. Hungry, but quiet.

 And the activity of the day: pottery painting. Joe and Henry picked cars and Annie selected a princess. I have mentioned before that Annie is an Independent Lady so of course she needed to paint this herself. I did, however, try to (sneakily) fix the eyes a wee bit before we left because the princess looked somewhat possessed.
Here's Clara. A baby amid breakable things.

And then to Nanny and Grandpa's for lunch and birthday candles! See Annie's smile? She really hates getting so much attention. 

And then home for boring things like attempted napping and supper-making. And then cake - a big strawberry cake, as requested and dreamed of for months and months and months.

And then outside for God's gift to sweet Annie - a rainbow. Can you believe it? Just what Annie wanted. 

And so now she is three. That's also just what she wanted.

We love you, Annie. Your bless us with your hugs and kisses, you surprise us with your independence, and you treat us to lots of laughing. Happy Birthday, Miss Bananie-Pants.

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