Friday, July 31, 2015

kantor kids summer bucket list, pt. 2

Splash pad! Even better, with friends and a picnic. Check.

kantor kids summer bucket list

Ice cream truck. Check.

In other news, my children are in no way affected by red food colouring.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

a lot of pictures

Why do I take so many pictures? I don't know. What am I going to do with them all? For every picture here on ye olde blog, there are probably 10-20 similar ones sitting in a computer folder. Anyway, look at them! Here they are! All the things we did in Saskatchewan!

A parade! There was so much candy. Auntie Chelle got the bubble gum, Papa and Grammie got the caramels, the kids got some suckers, and the remaining Gigantic Bag went to Becca and the lifeguards at the pool. 

Fishing! Papa took us to the Community Trout Pond. We caught nothing but Joe really enjoyed it and quickly learned to cast his own line. Would have been so much more exciting to actually catch something. Next time.

Auntie Karen! Thank you so much for the visit at your farm. We had such a fun morning, what with all those rocks to throw and scuffles to eat. Thank you!


The Bodners! Wait, what? What are the Bodners doing in Shaunavon? They were driving through on their way from B.C. back to Ontario. And what's a trip through Saskatchewan without a stop at Girodat Seeds?

Prairie Dogs and Buffalo! We drove down to Grasslands National Park with Papa to see some wildlife. Henry was particularly fascinated by those prairie dogs.

Grammie! You're a good baby holder.

Papa! Suppertime negotations.

Becca! Annie really, really, really likes you.

Birthdays! Grammie had an early birthday supper for Annie and Clara. They both like cake. Thanks, Grammie!

A visit with Auntie Rosella!

Hi Cindy!

Driving! Here we go back to Saskatoon to stay with...

the Molyneuxs! They have a pool! And a trampoline! And four awesome kids!

And so... it was a great trip. We packed a lot into our days and went to bed late every night. Even with the extra long days, these visits always, always, always go too fast and it's hard to imagine that it could be an entire year before we are back. (Trying to block that out, actually.) And then our flight back was a bit treacherous (two-hour delay, most of that delay spent on the tarmac, 30-minute Annie meltdown when we finally took off, and toys left on the plane) and our re-entry into real life and this time zone is taking some time. So maybe... we'll just turn around and go back? Mom?