Monday, May 4, 2015

to each their own

Well, the debate rages on in our house. Dandelions - friend or foe? Those over the age of seven would like them eliminated from our yard, while those below the age of grown-up reasoning believe they are so very beautiful. Joe has delivered some powerful (yet still unconvincing) speeches about how we should not be "destroying God's creation!" Also, he challenged me with this:
"If you don't like dandelions, why do you say you love them when we pick them for you and put them in water?"
My answer had something to do with me loving the act of giving, more than the gift itself. And also, thank you for picking them out of my lawn.
Anyway, we may never have an answer that everyone can agree upon. In the meantime, our yard looks terrible and our neighbours may hate us. The decision-makers of the household think it's probably time to call in the reinforcements. Maybe while those opposed are at school.


Kimberly said...

Haha! We are having basically the exact same debate in our house at the moment. Including the misleading act of the picked dandelions being put in a vase! Although your last picture of the dandelion, actually does make it look somewhat attractive. That's good photography right there!

Devo said...

Dandelions ... the first spring food for the dandelions.

AND ... delicious to eat! ;)