Monday, February 2, 2015

snow day!

Today was a...

Hip hip hooray! Let's be honest... this would not have been a snow day in Saskatchewan. It was not particularly cold and the snow, while lots of it, was pretty fluffy and not very threatening. But who are we to argue when given a day free of buckling kids up and driving them to and fro. So, after breakfast and bathroom, we got on our gear and went outside to play and shovel. We were a good team, Joe and Henry with their yellow snow shovels and Annie with her dustpan, but we still gladly welcomed the neighbour who came to help us finish with his snowblower (and also very happy when, later in the day, another neighbour came to remove the wake the snowplow left at the end of the driveway. Thank you, good neighbours!). 

The rest of the day was cozy and sleepy and crafty and, in the case of Clara, gooby. We'll take a few more snow days, please.

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