Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Henry's taking pictures today. See?

So far he's taken pictures of the inside of our pantry, his stuffed turtle, Clara's foot, and this chihuahua.
And me with some toilet bowl cleaner. Just doin' my job.

So, according to our picture files, we typically don't do very much in January. Lay low, wipe some runny noses, and read lots of books. But lazy days are going to change. We're starting the renos on the other side of our basement. We finished up the rec room/office side before Christmas, cleaned it up, enjoyed it... and are now making a big mess again. Deadline: April. Mom and Dad are coming to visit and probably don't want to stay in a pile of smashed up wood panelling. Probably.

That's all for now. Clara says hi. And now off we go to pick up Joe from school.

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