Friday, November 14, 2014

pie-making with pre-schoolers - it's easy and it's fun!

What this blog needs is more tutorials. So here we go. How to make pies with little helpers, by Gillian Kantor.

1. Assemble your ingredients and helpers. Realize you should probably have everyone wash hands before starting. Take everyone to the bathroom. Examine foreign substance on bathroom hand towel. Recognize that it's poop. Question WHY IS THERE POOP ON THE HAND TOWEL? Toss hand towel in laundry. Grab new one. Finish washing hands. Gather back at kitchen table. Why did step one take so long?

2. Flour. Salt. Shortening. Let Annie use the horseshoe to blend it all together. (Actually, it's a pastry blender but you already know not to argue with a two-year-old about such things. Really helps cut down on the duration of step #2.)

 3. Once blended, divide your dough into three balls. Flatten them out.

 4. Reference picture of your Grandma making pasty that is hanging on the wall of your kitchen to verify if you are doing the job correctly. Immediately recognize that there are no pre-schoolers pictured with her so, no, you are not doing the job correctly.

 5. Peel apples (if you are making an apple pie). Let the kids snack on the apple peels. Forget about that fact that you did not wash the apples before peeling them.

 6. Somewhere along here, recognize that your baby is very tired. Take her upstairs for napping time.

7. Fill your pie shell with whatever apples you have remaining after having left your pre-schoolers unsupervised with a pile of apple slices.

 8. Put some stuff on top.

 9. Discover that this is taking much longer than you thought and it is now lunch time. Acknowledge the pie-making process could have gone much faster if you didn't take pictures every two minutes. Feed your children lunch.

 10. Make more pastry dough to finish second pie (blueberry). Stick them in the oven. Take a picture of that, too.

And there you go. You made pie. Your kids made a mess. Everyone had fun. And we got pie. Tutorial complete.

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