Saturday, November 15, 2014

just your average friday night

Thank you, thank you, to Fr. Kinley Tshering, for making our house one of your stops on your visit to Canada. You blessed our family with your kindness, your stories, and, above all, your gift of the Eucharist in our home.

Fr. Kinley is a friend of David's and the Jesuit Provincial of Darjeeling, India. David first met Kinley in Winnipeg where David was playing volleyball with the National Team and Kinley was studying, and then reconnected with him in India, when he volunteered at St. Joseph North Point School where Kinley was then teaching. They've kept in touch since then and, thirteen years later, Fr. Kinley celebrated Mass in our living room (with three of the most unruly altar servers you could ever find).

Kinley is from Bhutan and was born into a Buddist family. After having already converted to Catholicism, he found himself seated next to Mother Teresa on an airplane and it was she who said to him, "I have not told this to many people, but I am telling you. You have a vocation and be generous to God, and He will be generous to you." (I may be paraphrasing here; I wasn't there nor did I ever have a conversation with Mother Teresa.) And that is just a sampling of some of the amazing stories Fr. Kinley has to share. If you would like to hear more, you should invite him over for dinner at your house. He will probably come because he is just that generous.

Thank you again, Fr. Kinley. You have made such an impression on our family.

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