Sunday, November 23, 2014

clara's baptism day

Here she is, our dear, sweet Clara, now part of the Church family. She is the most joy-filled member of our little Kantor famille and we pray that she will bring the same to this much bigger flock.

She did great at the Mass, with only a little exclamation when the water was poured on her head, her brothers watched with equal parts pride and curiosity, and Annie summed it up with "Cyara baptide. Water on da head."

We love you, Clara, and promise to do our best to teach you about our whole, great, big family, the God we love, and what this is all about.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

look who's here

It's Grammie and Papa! We're in the middle of a weekend filled with colouring and legos and stories and birthday cakes (happy birthdays, Lily, Auntie, and Gabes!) and also runny noses and tissues (Annie has a cold that she is probably going to share with everyone). Here is some of that (the aforementioned events, not the cold):

Monday, November 17, 2014

clara's first snow

She loved it! (smiled) And then she hated it! (cried) And then she loved it again! It really was an emotional roller coaster for her.

And the other kids, who have seen snow before, were excited to wake up to a snowy day. Henry and Annie, however, were not excited to wear boots. Or mittens. Or hats. Or coats. Too big. Too heavy. Too scratchy. Too tight. Too soft. Too yucky.

This is going to take some getting used to.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

happy birthday, nanny!

We love celebrating you! You are so good to us and deserve much singing and love! (In fact, Annie is still singing Happy Birthday to you as she walks about the house.)

Saturday, November 15, 2014

just your average friday night

Thank you, thank you, to Fr. Kinley Tshering, for making our house one of your stops on your visit to Canada. You blessed our family with your kindness, your stories, and, above all, your gift of the Eucharist in our home.

Fr. Kinley is a friend of David's and the Jesuit Provincial of Darjeeling, India. David first met Kinley in Winnipeg where David was playing volleyball with the National Team and Kinley was studying, and then reconnected with him in India, when he volunteered at St. Joseph North Point School where Kinley was then teaching. They've kept in touch since then and, thirteen years later, Fr. Kinley celebrated Mass in our living room (with three of the most unruly altar servers you could ever find).

Kinley is from Bhutan and was born into a Buddist family. After having already converted to Catholicism, he found himself seated next to Mother Teresa on an airplane and it was she who said to him, "I have not told this to many people, but I am telling you. You have a vocation and be generous to God, and He will be generous to you." (I may be paraphrasing here; I wasn't there nor did I ever have a conversation with Mother Teresa.) And that is just a sampling of some of the amazing stories Fr. Kinley has to share. If you would like to hear more, you should invite him over for dinner at your house. He will probably come because he is just that generous.

Thank you again, Fr. Kinley. You have made such an impression on our family.

Friday, November 14, 2014

pie-making with pre-schoolers - it's easy and it's fun!

What this blog needs is more tutorials. So here we go. How to make pies with little helpers, by Gillian Kantor.

1. Assemble your ingredients and helpers. Realize you should probably have everyone wash hands before starting. Take everyone to the bathroom. Examine foreign substance on bathroom hand towel. Recognize that it's poop. Question WHY IS THERE POOP ON THE HAND TOWEL? Toss hand towel in laundry. Grab new one. Finish washing hands. Gather back at kitchen table. Why did step one take so long?

2. Flour. Salt. Shortening. Let Annie use the horseshoe to blend it all together. (Actually, it's a pastry blender but you already know not to argue with a two-year-old about such things. Really helps cut down on the duration of step #2.)

 3. Once blended, divide your dough into three balls. Flatten them out.

 4. Reference picture of your Grandma making pasty that is hanging on the wall of your kitchen to verify if you are doing the job correctly. Immediately recognize that there are no pre-schoolers pictured with her so, no, you are not doing the job correctly.

 5. Peel apples (if you are making an apple pie). Let the kids snack on the apple peels. Forget about that fact that you did not wash the apples before peeling them.

 6. Somewhere along here, recognize that your baby is very tired. Take her upstairs for napping time.

7. Fill your pie shell with whatever apples you have remaining after having left your pre-schoolers unsupervised with a pile of apple slices.

 8. Put some stuff on top.

 9. Discover that this is taking much longer than you thought and it is now lunch time. Acknowledge the pie-making process could have gone much faster if you didn't take pictures every two minutes. Feed your children lunch.

 10. Make more pastry dough to finish second pie (blueberry). Stick them in the oven. Take a picture of that, too.

And there you go. You made pie. Your kids made a mess. Everyone had fun. And we got pie. Tutorial complete.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

last hurrah

We had a beautiful day here today... good for raking leaves and then messing them up again. We played until it was dark. Now here comes the cold.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

head and shoulders

Once upon a time, about ten years ago, when our girls were only dreams in our heads, my friend Lise and I would laugh about how my kids would be giants and hers would be munchkins. Because:

(because I'm way taller than her. And I don't know what we're doing in this picture. I think maybe I was presenting her with "roommate of the year." Anyway, this is the only picture I have of us standing side by side. All other pictures I am crouching down beside her because, as earlier stated, I'm way taller than her.)

And look - dreams do come true. Annie is 10 months younger than Emilie and they are the same height.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

run club

This continues for about 80 laps.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Sunday, November 2, 2014