Saturday, October 18, 2014

when daddy's away

The mice will play. And wear baskets on their heads to school. And run around like crazy. And amuse themselves while Mommy rocks and rocks and rocks Clara to sleep. And subsequently eat supper very late.

And that was our week. David was away in Dallas for work and we were here, going about our usual routines but with two less grown-up hands. So we operated just a little bit slower and just went with it (whatever "it" might be... one day "it" was Annie proudly sporting a basket on her head on our trip to pick Joe up from school, marching down the street in her fashion-forward hat... I would have taken a picture but, well, I didn't have the time or energy to take a basket off her head so couldn't summon either to go grab my camera). Bedtime was definitely the trickiest, with a fussy baby in my arms, trying to wrangle squirmy people into their jammies with my outstretched fingers while the clock just kept on ticking. But everyone was good and Joe took to reading to kids when I couldn't and we did it.

And now Daddy is home and thank goodness for that. We made him a sign to welcome him at the door and to tell him to never go away again.

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