Wednesday, July 30, 2014

why Inside Baby can be born now

An incomplete list of reasons why this baby can come anytime.
1. Because I said so.
2. I finished both the boy and girl quilts.
3. I got groceries today. So that's done.
4. I'm tired of strangers pointing out the odd way in which I carry my babies (ie. straight out, like the baby is lying perpendicular to my tummy or trying to leap out of my belly button). Also, everyone has a prediction as to boy or girl. Clerk at Toys R Us: boy. Lady at Church: girl. Man at grocery store: boy. Kid at Joe's Vacation Bible School: just stood there staring at my belly button.
5. I'm waddling now. Not awesome.
6. We have no plans for tomorrow.
7. Please, please, please do not come on Annie's birthday.
8. Maternity shirts are no longer covering my belly.
9. Grammie is waiting. She still thinks you are twins.
10. And, most of all, we would really like to meet you. We're so excited to find out who you are, what you look like, who you will be in our family, and what your name is (you do come out wearing a nametag, right?).

We love you, Inside Baby. Please come soon.

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