Friday, July 18, 2014


Well, here we are at 37 weeks, waiting for Inside Baby to arrive. Here, Henry demonstrates how we feel about waiting:

We're tired of it.

Still, we are keeping busy with swimming lessons and Vacation Bible Camp and running around in the backyard. We're still trying to finish up the basement and moving bedrooms around. This week, the boys moved to their new room and tell me that they love it. Next up: Annie's room.

As for Inside Baby, this is what he or she looks like:


And as for that 'he or she' business, I have a boy quilt top and a girl quilt top waiting to be finished after Baby's birthday (which is hilarious... I'm not sure when I will have time to finish a quilt after a baby is born... ha ha ha... I'm a crazy person). Anyway, boy on the left, girl on the right (please note the boy quilt has four legs).

And names... not prepared in that category. Joe helped us out today by writing down four boy names and four girl names and then we had a family vote. Annie didn't really get the voting process and her ballot was ruined. As a result, we had a four-way tie. So... nowhere closer to  having a name but being very democratic about it.

There you go. We're here. We're waiting. We can't wait.

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