Friday, July 4, 2014

more saskatchewan

 Our two weeks in Saskatchewan were full, with our motto being something like "You can nap in Ontario." So here's what we fit in, with or without naps.

We visited Papa's first home.
We met Boe. (He was easier to like from the other side of the fence.)

We went to the park. A lot.

We stared at this guy.

And we ate ice cream with this gang.

We had a Girodat family bbq, met all the Hodgson kids, and Annie got to smile at not one BUT two babies.

We had our family photos taken.

We ran and played.

We celebrated Grammie's birthday (only two months late).

We listened to some duets.

We went swimming. 

We smelled the flowers with Grammie.

And we learned to like cats.

The end. See you again in August, when we bring FOUR kids (and we promise to have more naps).

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Kimberly said...

Sounds like our trips to BC, jam packed! Shayla and Tristan were pretty excited to see themselves and the twins on your blog. It was so nice to see you all. If only I had remembered my camera!