Saturday, June 28, 2014

matt the cowboy

We went to Swift Current's Frontier Days today to watch Matt show his steer. Here's what I know about showing a steer: nothing. But I do know that Matt worked hard and that was the cleanest and softest cow I have ever seen. And aren't those great qualities for all of us, including cows, to have?

Also, there were rides and ice cream at Frontier Days, so fun for everyone.


grad 2014

Well, Little Miss Rebecca graduated yesterday, a reality that I find both ridiculous and impossible. Because wasn't it just yesterday that I graduated with a very pregnant Michelle in attendance? No. I guess that was 18 years ago, and yesterday a very pregnant me attended Becca's graduation. Anyway, isn't she lovely? We know she will do amazing and fun things with the rest of her life and we're excited to find out what they are. We love you Becks!

For the record, here's Becca at my grad...

Friday, June 20, 2014


we are here

We're in Saskatchewan for the next two weeks, helping Papa, hanging with Grammie, and just generally making a lot of noise. Although not sure how much we're actually helping... this is the kind of farmer Henry turned out to be. Lazy. 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

kindergarten grad

Today was Joe's last day of Kindergarten. Don't even ask how many times I cried about that. Next year, he's moving on from St. Dominic School to St. Mary School into the French Immersion program. He has the job of teaching me French, so we'll see how I stand up to Gr. 1 French vocabulary.

Here he is with his awesome teacher, Mrs. Atkinson. She wants us to name our baby "Baby Mrs. Atkinson" and we want her to never retire.


Sunday, June 15, 2014

father's day 2014

...looked a bit like Mother's Day, except replace demolition with painting. What a hard worker this father is. We also celebrated him with steak at a restaurant and a two-minute walk by the lake.

We love you Daddy David! Thank you for everything you do for us!


Thursday, June 12, 2014

you're welcome, future wives

I didn't have to do the dishes tonight. Joe washed. Henry dried. I did have to clean up a minor flood on the kitchen floor, but that's neither here nor there. 


That's how many strawberries we picked today, so already a bumper crop. This year we've outsmarted the birds and the bunnies by putting up a fence and netting and, thanks to our cleverness, tonight we enjoyed melt-in-your-mouth, freshly-picked berries. All eleven of them. Yum.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Monday, June 9, 2014

happenings in kantor-land

Sometimes a picture says a thousand words and, sometimes, a thousand words say a thousand words. So, today, while my camera batteries recharge, here are some words.

- Basement renovations continue. This seems like a long, exhaustive process and I don't know how people renovate kitchens or build houses from the ground up without going crazy. And will this be done before Inside Baby arrives? I. Don't. Know.

- We are also still trying to play musical rooms upstairs to get everyone settled in their new spaces and Inside Baby's room ready before he or she arrives. We are hitting some walls, literally. What I thought would be the easy removal of a built in cabinet has turned into a messy discovery of improper wall supports, evidence of mice, and a big hole in the floor. Yay! What fun! On the up side, our contractor took a look at it and told me I was good at demolition. Is this a good thing, or was he just telling me I was making a big mess? I'm not sure.
- Joe has only 7 more days of school. We're taking him out early to get to Shaunavon for Becca's graduation. We are all excited to go, but it is Joe who reminds me daily of how many days until we leave for Grammie and Papa's house. 
- Henry's 800-year battle with eczema on his upper lip is finally over. Hurray! Watching him pick and lick that mess was driving me crazy and we finally got the right medication that zapped it away in just three days. Below was our Tom Selleck approach to covering it up so he wouldn't scratch away at it. (Also, he is holding up a drawing of a jungle in which all the animals ran away.)

- Within the last four weeks, David has had a 5-day trip to California and a 4-day trip to Washington, D.C. And we all survived! And we missed him very much and we want him to never go away, ever again.
- This happened while picking Joe up from school: a grandfather in his vehicle, waiting to pick up some kids from school, leaned out his car window and yelled, "Excuse me, lady!" A quick look around to determine if he meant me and I said, "Yes?" He yelled, "You have two there!" (pointing at Henry and Annie), "And one in there!" (referencing my belly region), "And you're going to go pick up one from over there?!" (motioning in the direction of the school), "You're going to be a busy lady!" A few things about this:
1) as he said two times: I am a lady. How nice.
2) what does he mean, "going to be busy"?
3) and let's imagine his reaction if I had told him I was going to pick up five kids from over there?
- Also, in the category of People's Observations, one of my neighbours told me that he and another neighbour, while chatting and watching the general chaos of my kids playing on the driveway while I painted some furniture, determined I am having a girl.
- If I am having a girl, what should we name her?
- And, yup, I've been busy getting some furniture ready for Annie's new room. Some neighbours kindly gave us some old furniture they were getting rid of and it all looks very sweet with a fresh coat of paint.
- Also, Henry wrote on the side of our van today with a rock. Not awesome. This did not happen while I was painting, but while I was standing right beside him, asking him what his plan was with those rocks in his hand.
- Joe swept the driveway to make me feel better.
- This is how Annie colours:

She looks like she's trying to figure out a tricky math equation.
- And that is all I can think of for now. The end.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


(fact: I'm a week behind in these... I'm 31 weeks and unable to organize my life accordingly.)