Sunday, May 4, 2014

you win some, you lose some?

What to say about this weekend... well, we went on a family roadtrip to Kingston. The reason for the trip was for David to attend the Hall of Fame induction of his former university and provincial volleyball coach on Friday night, which he did and he enjoyed. Meanwhile, my plan was to take the kids to the pool, which I did and we enjoyed. The rest of the trip... we had some grouchiness, some sickness, some tiredness, some bossiness, some restlessness. And it was just hard. David had hoped to show us around Kingston a bit but tours were abbreviated because of the above-mentioned ailments and we're trying to learn/accept that travelling with littles can't always be the amazing adventure you hope it to be.

We did manage to take a ferry ride and have a yummy meal out (and, of course, visit the pool a lot) so we take from it some happy moments and some rough moments and that will be that for a while.

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