Saturday, May 24, 2014

deacon greg

Today we celebrated with David's cousin and Henry's godfather, Greg, as he was ordained to the diaconate. The Mass was beautiful and, obviously, quite meaningful as we witnessed someone close to the family so joyfully give his service to the diaconate and, someday in the future, his life to the priesthood. The occasion also involved Annie spilling the entire contents of the Holy water font, two trips with Henry to the bathroom, desperate pleas for raisins, three snack breaks, some general complaints about boredom, climbing Mommy like a jungle gym, and what seemed to be, given their floppy bodies and low groans, near-death hunger. And still... strangers came up to us afterward to tell us how good our kids had been in the two-hour Mass. (I did ask one man if he was being sarcastic but he promised his words were genuine.) Anyway, the good news is that, despite our children's behaviour or my reaction to it, Greg is now a deacon and he will make the Church an even brighter place. Congratulations, Greg!

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