Friday, March 21, 2014

inside baby

Ta da! Here's our baby... still inside, thank goodness. We're at 20 weeks and Inside Baby is happily sucking on his or her thumb, content to be growing and sleeping and yawning. This is the only profile of the baby I've seen, and it was just a split second. Every time the ultrasound technician tried to show me the baby, the baby would roll around and I would be left staring at the spine (which looks excellent, by the way; excellent spine making if I do say so myself). But look at this profile - what a cutie.

Anytime I see a picture of an ultrasound, I think back to the first ever ultrasound we had for our first ever baby. When I emailed the pictures to our families, I heard back the story of my nephew Matt, who was then seven. After looking thoughtfully at the picture, he said, "Auntie Gill must have been wearing a skirt that day." Ha! (...because of the triangular shape of the picture... which I suppose looks like a skirt to a seven year old... oh, Matt... what a guy.) Anyway, now that will be what you think of anytime you look at an ultrasound picture.

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