Thursday, February 27, 2014

lordy lordy look who's 40

Once upon a time, a long time ago, mom and dad were invited to a neighbour's 40th birthday party and that "lordy lordy" bit was on the front of the invitation. I loved it for both its corniness and its smooth rhyme, and now I am so excited to be using it for my husband. He will be so excited, too.

Happy Birthday to my best friend, wonderful husband, and super daddy. We love you so very much. Here's why...

40 Things We Love About Daddy:
1. Playing hockey with him. (Joe)
2. When he comes home from work. (Henry)
3. Wa-ee (which means "water." Annie contributed this gem)
4. Playing basketball with him. (Joe)
5. He takes care of Mommy when she is sick. Thanks, Dad. My bad. (Inside Baby)
6. He takes us on trips. (Henry)
7. Daddy. (Annie. She may not understand the gist of this.)
8. He drives me to school. (Joe)
9. Sometimes he brings home supper. (Joe)
10. He empties the diaper champ. (Gillian)
11. He does nice things for us. (Henry)
12. He is loving. (Henry)
13. Jo-jo. (Annie. Yup. She does not understand what we are doing.)
14. He is an awesome, kind, and loving daddy. (Gillian)
15. He is the most thoughtful, generous, forgiving, and loving husband. (Gillian)
16. Daddy makes us supper when Mommy is sick. (Joe. Um. I haven't been feeling well lately. Can you tell?)
17. He plays with me and Henry. (Joe)
18. He is loving. (Joe)
19. He takes us to Church. (Joe)
20. Daddy is nice. (Henry)
21. He leads us all closer to God. (Gillian)
22. Puppy. (Annie)
23. He reads us books (Joe)
24. He does nice things for us. (Henry)
25. He takes care of our house. (Gillian)
26. He looks after our bank accounts and moves money around like it is a video game. (Gillian)
27. He can make really flashy Excel spreadsheets. (Gillian)
28. He is handsome. (Annie. Finally! A thoughtful contribution!)
29. He has a nice voice. (Inside Baby)
30. He teaches us about music. (Joe)
31. Daddy is an artist. (Henry)
32. Daddy gives us milk. (Henry. ie. Daddy goes to Costco)
33. He makes us laugh and laugh. (Gillian)
34. A-poo. (That's "apple." Annie.)
35. He tucks us in. (Joe)
36. He does our prayers. (Henry)
37. He says our bedtime prayers with us. (Joe)
38. He does EVERYTHING! (Henry)
39. A-coo ("raccoon." Annie. She might be thinking we're doing something else here.)
40. He is AWESOME! (group effort)

So, today, we're celebrating Daddy. And, as our friends, we hope you are, too. He is really, really worth the celebration.

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Anonymous said...

We do celebrate David - a sincere, kind, generous, faithful and good, good, good man of God. We are blessed to call him friend. Many blessings to you this year David. - The Molyneuxs