Friday, February 14, 2014

how are you doing?

Oh, thank you for asking. We're good and have escaped major sicknesses this winter. But while we like playing in the mounds and heaps of snow we have received this winter, I think we are getting tired of snowsuits and snow boots and all the extra time it takes to get out the door. As a result, we have been staying close to home and maybe some people are getting grumpy after long days inside. I believe this is slight case of cabin fever?

As for Gillian and Inside Baby, this pregnancy has been the hardest of any for me. Lots of all-day nausea and super headaches. Chills. Fatigue. Just all-day blech-ness. But, good news, I had an ultrasound on Wednesday and baby is doing well. So if Baby is good and I feel gross, than that is an awesome case scenario and I'm feeling like it's time to just suck it up, feel better, and move forward without all my whining. Plus... Henry is starting to express many symptoms of pregnancy... headaches, tiredness, backache... so, I should, at the very least, be more quiet about my whining.

Here we are at 15 weeks...

Sorry... wrong photo...

Nope. Still not right. (Let's face it... babies in tummies is just a hard thing for little people to comprehend.)

Okay. Here we go. That's the right one.

Anyway, that's us. Thanks for listening. No more whining.

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