Friday, February 28, 2014

celebrating daddy

To celebrate David's 40th, we stole him away from work for a couple of days and went to Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara Falls. We swam and slid and slept and had fun and hope Daddy turns 40 again soon so we can do it all again.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

lordy lordy look who's 40

Once upon a time, a long time ago, mom and dad were invited to a neighbour's 40th birthday party and that "lordy lordy" bit was on the front of the invitation. I loved it for both its corniness and its smooth rhyme, and now I am so excited to be using it for my husband. He will be so excited, too.

Happy Birthday to my best friend, wonderful husband, and super daddy. We love you so very much. Here's why...

40 Things We Love About Daddy:
1. Playing hockey with him. (Joe)
2. When he comes home from work. (Henry)
3. Wa-ee (which means "water." Annie contributed this gem)
4. Playing basketball with him. (Joe)
5. He takes care of Mommy when she is sick. Thanks, Dad. My bad. (Inside Baby)
6. He takes us on trips. (Henry)
7. Daddy. (Annie. She may not understand the gist of this.)
8. He drives me to school. (Joe)
9. Sometimes he brings home supper. (Joe)
10. He empties the diaper champ. (Gillian)
11. He does nice things for us. (Henry)
12. He is loving. (Henry)
13. Jo-jo. (Annie. Yup. She does not understand what we are doing.)
14. He is an awesome, kind, and loving daddy. (Gillian)
15. He is the most thoughtful, generous, forgiving, and loving husband. (Gillian)
16. Daddy makes us supper when Mommy is sick. (Joe. Um. I haven't been feeling well lately. Can you tell?)
17. He plays with me and Henry. (Joe)
18. He is loving. (Joe)
19. He takes us to Church. (Joe)
20. Daddy is nice. (Henry)
21. He leads us all closer to God. (Gillian)
22. Puppy. (Annie)
23. He reads us books (Joe)
24. He does nice things for us. (Henry)
25. He takes care of our house. (Gillian)
26. He looks after our bank accounts and moves money around like it is a video game. (Gillian)
27. He can make really flashy Excel spreadsheets. (Gillian)
28. He is handsome. (Annie. Finally! A thoughtful contribution!)
29. He has a nice voice. (Inside Baby)
30. He teaches us about music. (Joe)
31. Daddy is an artist. (Henry)
32. Daddy gives us milk. (Henry. ie. Daddy goes to Costco)
33. He makes us laugh and laugh. (Gillian)
34. A-poo. (That's "apple." Annie.)
35. He tucks us in. (Joe)
36. He does our prayers. (Henry)
37. He says our bedtime prayers with us. (Joe)
38. He does EVERYTHING! (Henry)
39. A-coo ("raccoon." Annie. She might be thinking we're doing something else here.)
40. He is AWESOME! (group effort)

So, today, we're celebrating Daddy. And, as our friends, we hope you are, too. He is really, really worth the celebration.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

in case anyone missed today's hockey game...

Joe drew a picture of it.

And this is what my team looked like this morning watching the hockey game. They remained riveted for longer than I thought they could, but had abandoned the couch for the breakfast table before the game was through.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

my olympic connection

So you can see how my standing next to Hayley Wickenheiser once has led to her ongoing success in both sport and life in general.

Monday, February 17, 2014

play day

It's Family Day! Everyone gets to stay home and play! So we went sledding. And then went home and did chores. (Shhhh... don't tell the kids that "doing laundry" isn't playing.)

Friday, February 14, 2014

how are you doing?

Oh, thank you for asking. We're good and have escaped major sicknesses this winter. But while we like playing in the mounds and heaps of snow we have received this winter, I think we are getting tired of snowsuits and snow boots and all the extra time it takes to get out the door. As a result, we have been staying close to home and maybe some people are getting grumpy after long days inside. I believe this is slight case of cabin fever?

As for Gillian and Inside Baby, this pregnancy has been the hardest of any for me. Lots of all-day nausea and super headaches. Chills. Fatigue. Just all-day blech-ness. But, good news, I had an ultrasound on Wednesday and baby is doing well. So if Baby is good and I feel gross, than that is an awesome case scenario and I'm feeling like it's time to just suck it up, feel better, and move forward without all my whining. Plus... Henry is starting to express many symptoms of pregnancy... headaches, tiredness, backache... so, I should, at the very least, be more quiet about my whining.

Here we are at 15 weeks...

Sorry... wrong photo...

Nope. Still not right. (Let's face it... babies in tummies is just a hard thing for little people to comprehend.)

Okay. Here we go. That's the right one.

Anyway, that's us. Thanks for listening. No more whining.

my valentines

from Annie:

from Henry:
This was his sweet offering to me today... "I'm sorry, Mommy, that I wiped snot on your face."

from Joe:
Well, he gave me his valentine yesterday so I "could have a whole extra day to look at it." He also participated in a dance-a-thon at his school today, which parents could come watch so I did, thank you very much. He was very serious about trying to learn the moves for the chicken dance and he held hands and danced with a girl and I almost bawled audibly from seeing the cuteness of that (that dance may have lasted only 20 seconds but it was still 20 very cute seconds).

Hope your day is sweet!
(and that no one wipes snot on your face)

Monday, February 10, 2014

dear auntie chelle

Joe and Annie touched a snake on Saturday. They seem okay.

We went to the RBG on Saturday to educate ourselves on carnivorous plants and interesting reptiles. There we learned that...
I like chameleon feet.  / Annie and Henry would like a pet chameleon. / It's unclear to me if Joe and Henry are supposed to be the venus fly trap, or they are stuck in the venus fly trap. Either way, I think Henry is playing the part more than Joe. / And this is what it would look like it my kids got sucked into a giant pitcher plant. They don't seem too concerned. / And that last picture is an enormous fly trap. Sculpture. Not real.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

dream come true

Joe let us know on Friday night that breakfast in bed sure seemed like a good idea. Specifically, french toast.

Joe kindly shared with Henry. How could he not?

Friday, February 7, 2014

tom selleck

Annie always enjoys a morning smoothie.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

reserved seating

Space at the far end reserved for Kantor Kid #4, arriving in August. Weeee!

(Joe is looking over my shoulder as I put these pictures up. "Mommy, imagine when we have five kids. We'll need another couch." Whoa... slow down, Joseph.)