Wednesday, January 15, 2014

pillowy niceness

This is my Grandma Girodat (and also a teeny-tiny Joe and an itty-bitty Kaycee, in 2010). Grandma was such a lovely lady... kind, crafty, smart, prayerful, funny, and sweet. And she was also a wearer of cardigans. Many cardigans. She always wore a nice dress with a matching cardigan - I never, ever saw her wear anything else, and I may never have seen her wear the same cardigan twice.

After Grandma died, her cardigans were distributed among her grandchildren and I put mine away with the plan to "do something with these." Finally, finally, I did. I made them into pillows, so they could be out and seen and enjoyed (but, I stressed to the boys, not played with and wrecked, please, please, please). After three years of hanging on to these sweaters, the actual crafting into pillows took less than two hours. It was the mental preparation of actually cutting the sweaters apart that took three years. But when I was finally ready, I said to my helper Henry, "Okay, here I go. Let's pray I don't mess this up." And he said, "Okay. Dear Jesus, don't let mommy mess this up. Amen." (He is both very literal and very helpful.) But it worked! Here they are! I'm really happy to have them in my home.

(I also have a cardigan of Grandpa's, but right before I put my rotary cutter to it, I thought, "I should just try this on." And the sleeves are long and it's warm for my cold house and so now I am wearing it and it shall not become a pillow.)


Anonymous said...

How lovely😍😍
So nice seeing you couple of weeks ago!
Auntie Susie😊

Anonymous said...

Very nice Gillian!! Bring tears to my eyes. Mom did have a lot of cardigans with a Kleenex tucked in the sleeve. Did you tuck one in the pillows? Aunt Janet