Friday, August 30, 2013

better luck next time

The boys were so excited to pick this watermelon out of our garden but... whoops. I guess we didn't wait long enough? Or this is a new kind of pale, bland watermelon? We will just keep the rest of those watermelon in our garden for as long as possible.

baby sitter

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

the kantors go on vacation

Indeed we did. We took this last weekend+Monday to do a little Kantor family getting-away. We did this:

A trip to Wasaga Beach. When we were in Shaunavon, Mom did a crossword and asked what was a beach in Ontario. Wasaga was the answer and I wondered why we never went there. So we did. The sand was perfect for castles and the water just right for swimming.

A visit to Scales Nature Park near Orillia. We bought a wagjag and when we arrived and looked at the outside of the building, I wondered what sort of scam we got caught up in. BUT try not to judge a nature park by the cover. Once inside, it had lots of interesting things to look at and helpful volunteers, who very merrily took reptiles out of their pens so we could have a closer look. I don't really remember them asking if we wanted to see the boa constrictor, but here it is anyway.

And, finally, a trip to St. Marie-Among-the-Hurons and Martyrs' Shrine. Even with the rain, the boys really liked running around St. Marie and Joe even volunteered to do things, like make cornbread and pound a nail. Then we took a quick looksee at Martyr's Shrine because - little known fact - this is where I first saw David ten whole years ago. I was volunteering at a WYD anniversary event that David was attending and, one afternoon, my job was to direct people to available priests for outdoor confession. There was David in line, talking to someone about volleyball (don't ask why he wasn't preparing for reconciliation; he's quite defensive about this). I think my first words to him were, "You can go over there." He has no recollection of this. And then a year-and-a-bit later, we were properly introduced. Anyway, it was nice to go back to Martyr's Shrine and light a candle for our family, point out to David where I was standing, and ask why he didn't notice me then, hmm?

And then we went home. We had two nights in a hotel, a few meals in some restaurants, and timbits on the beach, which is really all that matters to 4- and 2-year-olds. "Thanks for making this such a fun day," Joe said to me on the beach. And that made the weekend all worth it right there.

Friday, August 23, 2013

the view from here

Well, school starts soon and that means that fellow pictured above on the outside of the door will be in kindergarten everyday, all day. We have just a little over a week to figure out:
- school lunches. Joe, if you have an apple, a sandwich, a cookie, and a yogurt in your lunch, what should you eat first? He grinned a grin that said to me, "Unsupervised school lunches are going to be awesome."
- shoe changes. Even velcro can be tricky sometimes.
- opening granola bars
- GETTING UP ON TIME. That one is for me. School starts at 8:20. I can no longer sleep until 7 while kids play in their room. I must be up before them or Joe will be late for school every day. Every day.
- switching around nap times for the other two. This one just occurred to me and made me sad. Henry likes a good snooze from 2-4, but Joe is done school at 2:50. So... I cannot leave Henry at home sleeping while I run to school to get Joe. No, I cannot.

So, I'm panicking a bit here. Eventually we will get our schedule sorted out, but I kind of liked the one we had. So I just need a bit of time to mourn that, and then get excited about the new days ahead. Here we go.

Monday, August 19, 2013

the happiest caterpillar in all the land

This is what we found, munching very happily on our tomatoes one morning. A hornworm caterpillar. So, so fat and so, so poopy (really... according to the world wide web, that's how you can identify this caterpillar... by its large poop) and so, so content to eat from our garden. He's gone now, munching tomato leaves in our yard waste, and I think our plants will recover. We're happily harvesting tomatoes, eggplant, peas, beans, peppers, basil, zucchini, and, someday soon, watermelon. A good year in our back 40 (no thanks to you, hornworm caterpillar).

Thursday, August 15, 2013

wakey wakey

Annie is a good napper and, usually, has a lot to tell me when she wakes up. I think here she was telling me about trees outside her window and noisy brothers.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Sunday, August 11, 2013

the moment they have been waiting for

We have been watching this:

every day for probably the last two months. After the first time we watched it, Henry ran to get his shoes and said, "Let's go!" After some discussion about the passage of time, the boys settled on dreaming about, talking about, and planning for our trip to the movies. And humming the soundtrack at varying decibels. And building Lego airplanes. And flying around the house. And learning about cropdusters, and scanning the skies for one when we were in Shaunavon. And making so many airplane noises that now Annie can mimic them while holding up little toy cars in the air. And finally - FINALLY - after all their preparations and dreaming and playing and imaging... today was the day. I think it lived up to their expectations? I also think Henry was scared out of his pants by a 3D movie on a giant screen that blared sound at him after having only ever watched our tiny tv... but other than that... they liked it. They giggled a lot, so that's good.

Maybe now we can stop watching the trailer.


to stand, to climb, to crawl... she turned one and now thinks she needs to do it all. For now, she'll settle for leaning on a chair.

Saturday, August 10, 2013


The Kantor boys went camping last night in a nice little place not far from our house... about 20 feet from our house, actually. Some good old backyard camping, complete with marshmallow roasting and pancakes on the grill this morning. Much to our surprise, everyone lasted the night in the tent, though David didn't get much sleep ("chilly, windy, and strange noises," he reports. "Sissy," I retort... from the comfort of my own bed). Maybe next time, Annie and I will join them. Maybe next time, we'll venture a little further from our house.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Sunday, August 4, 2013

365 days old

Our Annie is one. This may have been the fastest year in the history of all years. But, indeed, she is one and funny and silly and happy and curious and fast and sweet, sweet, sweet. We celebrated her with family on Saturday, and then just our own little Kantor family today. And one thing we have learned after a weekend of celebrating: our Annie likes cupcakes, that is for sure.

Happy Birthday, sweet daughter. We love you so much.

Friday, August 2, 2013

and last but not least

We went to the dam with the Hansens for tubing and juice boxes and swimming in the rain. Thanks for hosting us and loving us.

p.s. I may be too old for tubing.

annie's first first birthday party

Thanks, Grammie, for the cake! And to all the cousins for coming to the party! Annie loved it! Exclamation mark!


We took a day trip to Cypress Hills, or Cypers, as Joe prefers to call it. Back in the day, when Grandpa had a cabin there, we would take yearly family vacations to stay for some block of time (in my memory, it feels like we stayed a long time... a week?... but I'm guessing it was really just a weekend and everything just seems bigger when you're smaller). Now I make my people relive all my childhood memories... campfire, beach, hike, mini-golf, ice cream, trip to the general store, and mickey mouse hills. Check, check, check, done, done, and done. Until next year. When we add paddle-boating and fishing to the list.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

papa's farm

even more fun

I told you. There was a lot happening.

Here's the Old Time Country Fair.

And here's Sunday in the Park.

And that was that weekend. We totally exhausted our children. And therefore ourselves.


Well, sheepgirls, to be accurate. Kaycee and Ireland made their rodeo comeback in mutton bustin'. They were like trickriders, and they got ice cream.

Also, some clown was in Jett's way.

it's true. everybody loves a parade.

There was a lot of clapping and waving. Especially for that Girodat Seeds float.

all aboard

While we were home in Shaunavon, the town celebrated it's 100th anniversary, so we had a weekend jampacked with activities. Included in these was a train ride on an old passenger train, running a route that no longer sees passenger cars - a 90 minute ride that would be a unique opportunity and So Much Fun for two train-loving boys. Okay, I thought, when I bought the tickets, 90 minutes might be pushing it for two little kids but... I'm sure we'll do fine - they will love it. Well, the 90 minutes turned into THREE HOURS and that, ladies and gentlemen, is two-and-a-half hours longer than any two- and four-year-old boys should be contained in a slow-moving vehicle. To their credit, they did as best they could but the last ten minutes were just more than they could handle and then they just started punching each other. And I may have let them. Anyway, we came out okay and if you ask Joe what was one of his favourite things we did on our trip, he will tell you he rode on a train so - yay! - memories far exceed reality.