Saturday, December 15, 2012

"soon I'll be 81!"

So we'll need to work on his counting and understanding of the passage of time. But for today, we just celebrated him. Joe turned four! Four? Yes. Four. (I repeat that for my own purposes, because I cannot believe he could already be four.) We loved Joe up yesterday and today with restaurant food (ie. chocolate milk and a hot dog), bowling (look at that form), and a family birthday party (with balloons and a train cake). And everyday we celebrate him with all the love we can give him... that determined, funny, clever, shy, caring, helpful, goofy whippersnapper that he is.

Happy 4th Birthday, Joseph William Gerald. We love you so much.

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Sharon Lathrop said...

Happy Birthday Joseph! Excited for the day when Clare, Titus, and Simon can meet you and Henry & Annie!!!