Wednesday, November 28, 2012

annie elizabeth

Annie is a clever girl. She knew that it was probably best to get all the yucky stuff out of her before she was cleansed by the waters of her Baptism and welcomed into the Church family. So that's what she did. She waited until she was bathed and dressed in her Sunday best and we had just arrived at noon Mass, which would be followed by the Baptism of her and two other little girls, to poop long and hard to get out all that sullied her system. And she did an excellent job, spilling out of her diaper, onto her white tights, and all over that cute little ruffle dress from Auntie Chelle. 'Twas an awesome, poopy, sour-smelling mess that took me right up until the Liturgy of the Eucharist to scoop up and wipe off. I cradled her in the ladies' room, balancing her on the tiny change table, gathering up the soiled clothes, and dressing her in her Daddy's Baptismal gown.

But then she was clean.

And moments later, even more so, washed clean and sparkly - inside and out - by our Lord. We pray that it always be so.

Happy Baptism Day, Annie Elizabeth. You are such a gift, such delight, to us.

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Ali said...

Ah babies... Just when you think you've got 'em sussed they throw in a "remember I'm in charge here" curve ball!!