Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Today was a drizzly day, but I had some determined trick-or-treating boys and so off we went, to the Tiny Tots Parade, to wear cardboard costumes in the rain. They held up surprisingly well (both the costumes and the boys) and we now have A LOT of loot. Add that to the candy that we bought but didn't hand out... because only three kids came to our house. Joe was so disappointed... he, so very badly, wanted to hand out candy. So if you stop by our house in the next few days, or if we happen to greet you on the street, or if you live anywhere in the vicinity (ie. the world), don't be surprised if Joe gives you candy. The boy just wants to share his candy. How can a mom complain about that.

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Kimberly said...

Did you make those costumes? They are amazing! Too bad Joe didn't get to hand out candy... we didn't either. But apparently it is more fun then trick or treating. Our niece Megan would shout excited more customers and run to give the kids a handful of candy... all 132 times!